My First Short Story

While the fine art has taken something of a back seat for the last few years, when I put down the paint brush, I picked up the pen and completed a short story I had begun a long time ago. I recently self-published it as a Kindle book and paperback. It’s a short read at about 90 minutes if you can read it straight through. It’s definitely not my most accessible writing, but it is a deeply personal thing that I am quite proud of. From the Amazon listing: 

Lifelong friends Willem and Ellene are individually confronted by a mysterious old man whose cryptic, possibly prophetic statements inspire them toward self-reflection and discovery. We primarily follow Willem, a dilletante author in whose writings we contemplate the implications of quantum indeterminacy, the plasticity of personality, American gun violence and individual detachment, the pleasures of roasting coffee, and the nature of art. But Willem doesn’t understand as much as he thinks he does, and it is the insights and wisdom of his friend Ellene that really helps him to see things more deeply and clearly.

Willem & Ellene is a short but densely layered story that, while grappling with some serious and occasionally weighty subjects, tries not to take itself too seriously either.

A Selection of Oil on Canvas Paintings

Communicating Your Brand and Vision

My passionate focus in design is for clear communication, intuitive function, and attractive form that complements those ideals. I bring to my work a rich understanding of color theory and application that draws on my expertise in painting, a love of typography, and an appreciation for modern trends and standards for responsive design that can adapt to any device. I enjoy the collaboration of graphic design and the unique challenge of harmonizing input from multiple voices to create a website, logo, or ad piece that expresses a clear message, that reflects the identity of a business or organization, and that contributes, in its small way, more beauty to the world.

I am not currently doing any freelance work, but you can reach me at MBA Team through one its subsidiaries Boston Web Designers or NH Web Designers.

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