With a pencil in hand (or a stylus, a computer mouse, a paintbrush ... ) I'm ready to create.

For the last few years, I have focused my creative production almost entirely toward graphic design projects. Working for MBA Team as web designer and front-end developer, I create responsive, modern, beautiful websites. Besides websites, I also have experience in designing logos, print advertisement, brochures, and label packaging. 

I am also a fine artist with a passion for realist figurative and landscape oil painting. While on a somewhat long hiatus, I will someday soon pick up a brush again and look forward to expanding on what I learned in my last portrait painting of my wife.

Take a look at my work and if you want to get in touch, drop me a line, using the contact form, below. I may be interested in painting commissioned landscapes or portraits, but I am not currently doing any freelance design. If you'd like to have me work on your website, logo, or other design project, contact me through MBA Team.

design and develop beautiful, intuitive websites

My passion for design is a passion for clear communication, intuitive function, and attractive form that complements those ideals. I bring to my design a rich understanding of color theory and application that draws on my expertise in painting, a love of typography, and a great appreciation for modern trends and standards for responsive design that can adapt to any device. In contrast to the solitary work of painting, I greatly enjoy the collaboration that design work brings and the unique challenge of harmonizing input from multiple voices to create a website, logo, or ad piece that expresses a clear message, that reflects the identity of a business or organization, and that contributes, in its small way, more beauty to the world.

Taking great pride in everything from my careful selection of pigments and medium, to my hand-built canvas supports and archival best practices, I bring to painting a passion for a quirky realism that fuses classical oil painting technique with modern sensibilities of coloring and composition largely influenced by photography and film imagery. Being neither slavishly tied to the past nor to contemporary fashions, I bring a unique vision to the rich traditions of fine art realist oil painting.

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