Global Regulatory Partners

When I first started working with Suzan Davis, the president and CEO of Global Regulatory Partners, she came to MBA Team with a design mockup for her website and simply needed us to provide the functioning WordPress theme based off of it. As such, my work with this client was largely as project manager (overseeing the work of our programmers) and only occasionally as designer, refining an element here or there.

However, near the end of 2016, GRP was ready for a website refresh and this time they approached me to provide a new look and additional functionality. We initially intended a somewhat modest design update but, in our discussion about the project, we realized that in order for Global Regulatory Partners to effectively communicate their expertise and breadth of knowledge, we needed to dramatically overhaul the site. We ended up expanding the page count several-fold and this required careful consideration of navigation and usability, which I guided them through.